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Your complete or partial denture represents a serious investment in replacing the basic function of your lost or compromised teeth. When it was originally created in a dental lab, the removable dental appliance’s base was designed to closely match your existing gum structure. This helps the unit to fit firmly and comfortably in place.

As the years go by the structural changes in your oral bones can start to affect the once firm fit of the denture. This process which is known as oral atrophy can cause your denture to feel increasingly loose with time.

At first, you might be able to address this by applying extra denture adhesive when you install your denture in your mouth each morning. Over time this might prove to be increasingly ineffective. Especially if the changes in your oral structure has caused the base of your denture to uncomfortably rub the gums.

In a case like this, you might want to schedule an appointment with a Dentist like Dr. Morgan Smith and the staff specialists at Smith Family Dental. Sometimes minor adjustments to the base of the denture or realigning the teeth can make a profound improvement in oral atrophy complications.

If you live in the Murray, Utah, area and you have been having troubles with your complete or partial denture, you should consider calling 801-266-4427 to set up a consultation appointment with Dr. Morgan Smith and his staff.