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If you have sustained the loss of one or more teeth, we urge you to consider your options for tooth replacement, such as filling your tooth gap with a custom dental bridge. A bridge appliance fuses an artificial tooth or teeth to two dental crowns that are then anchored to the neighboring natural teeth for a substantial hold.

There are many benefits of a dental bridge, and we have provided a list of common functions performed by dental bridges:

– Preserving or restoring the facial structure to its original fullness
– Replacing missing teeth
– Fortifying your bite force
– Enhancing your ability to speak and chew
– Preventing drifting among the neighboring teeth

Placing a dental bridge is simple but may necessitate two visits to Smith Family Dental. First, our dentist will need to accommodate the new dental crowns by trimming the two neighboring teeth to remove their tooth enamel and create the needed space. Then, we form an impression of these teeth for the professional dental lab that is creating the bridge. While the new bridge is in progress, you can receive temporary dental crowns to protect the abutments.

Your second appointment will consist of removing the temporary crowns and Dr. Morgan Smith performing an evaluation of the permanent dental bridge to ensure it will be a good match for your smile before it is cemented into place.

To learn more about receiving dental bridges in Murray, Utah, please contact Smith Family Dental at 801-266-4427 today for an appointment with our dentist.