What Can a Periodontal Laser Do for Your Smile?

The ability to serve our patients’ periodontal needs with cutting-edge treatment is why our Dentist and team strive to offer conservative and comfortable procedures. We want to help you regain your smile after severe gum recession with highly efficient periodontal laser therapy. Patients who suffer from periodontitis often experience gum... Read more »

Maintaining a Denture with Denture Adhesive

Our dentists, Dr. Morgan Smith and Dr. Kathryn Cameron at Smith Family Dental can provide patients suffering from lost teeth with a complete or partial denture. This is often an effective way to restore the function of a mouth that has been severely compromised by chronic gum disease or untreated... Read more »

Dental Sealants Can Be Applied During Your Dental Checkup

Along with a consistent daily oral hygiene routine, the American Dental Association also recommends that you have a dental checkup administered by a dentist like Dr. Morgan Smith twice each year. This simple outpatient appointment will clean bacterial deposits from your teeth, while also monitoring the overall health of your... Read more »

Embrace Your New Smile With a Dental Bridge

If you have sustained the loss of one or more teeth, we urge you to consider your options for tooth replacement, such as filling your tooth gap with a custom dental bridge. A bridge appliance fuses an artificial tooth or teeth to two dental crowns that are then anchored to... Read more »

The Significance of Pediatric Dentistry

How well do you understand your child’s dental health? If you don’t consider yourself an expert, you aren’t alone. Children’s smile are constantly undergoing a wide variety of changes and developments over time. However, the significance of bringing your child to visit a pediatric dentist is often unconsidered. A pediatric... Read more »

A Secret to Oral Health Success: Tooth Hazard Treatments

  In order to ensure your smile will thrive for the rest of your life, always have a tooth hazard mention plan in place to protect your smile should any issues arise. Not only should you be prepared for tooth hazards anywhere, but you need to be prepared for any... Read more »

The Why and How of Water Flossing

If you are one of many patients who struggle with dental floss, you can look into alternative methods of flossing, such as using a water flosser. Water flossers simplify and enhance the flossing process. To learn more about water flossing, Dr. Morgan Smith offers the why and how of this... Read more »

Denture Adjustment Might Help Address Oral Atrophy

Your complete or partial denture represents a serious investment in replacing the basic function of your lost or compromised teeth. When it was originally created in a dental lab, the removable dental appliance’s base was designed to closely match your existing gum structure. This helps the unit to fit firmly... Read more »

Cleaning Your Tongue

Your tongue is an amazing thing. It can help you pronounce up to 90 words a minute, and it can have as many as ten thousand taste buds. It can distinguish between the different degrees of five types of tastes. And it can be a hotbed of bacteria. In fact,... Read more »

Every Day Practices for a Healthier, Beautiful Smile

Do you know what the number one thing is to prevent cavities and gingivitis in your smile? Oral hygiene, specifically, cleaning your teeth and gums every single day. Our Smith Family Dental team in Murray, Utah would like to spend some time today reviewing your at-home hygiene routine.   So,... Read more »