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Are you aware of the risks associated with any missing teeth? Even as there is often a downturn in your oral health and the aesthetics of your smile, missing teeth can also cause damage to your facial structure. This is because your facial structure will sink in and your jaw bone will begin to deteriorate. If you should happen to be missing any teeth, fortunately, this can be treated with a tooth prosthetic such as a dental bridge. Here are some of the benefits that dental bridges can provide:

– Dental bridges can restore your smile and complete your dental profile. Missing teeth often lead to a sunken in look to your face, which can be reversed via the use of dental prosthetic such as bridges.

– If you require space maintenance between teeth to ensure no tooth movement is possible, dental bridges can fill in gaps left behind by missing teeth.

– It is well known that gum destabilization occurs when you are missing teeth. This is because your jaw can weaken your gums and allow other teeth to move out of position through a process known as tooth slippage.

– A complete smile is essential for optimum oral health. This is because if you are missing any teeth, the gaps can become havens for bacteria to pool.

– Dental bridges can help improve your ability to chew and eat food and can even improve your speech.

– If you have any issues with bite stability, dental bridges are known to help improve and properly distribute forces of your bite across the spectrum of your entire mouth.

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