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If you are one of many patients who struggle with dental floss, you can look into alternative methods of flossing, such as using a water flosser. Water flossers simplify and enhance the flossing process. To learn more about water flossing, Dr. Morgan Smith offers the why and how of this appliance.

Why Water Flossing:

Proper water flossing cleans every crevice of your smile effectively and thoroughly.
-The appliance is easy to use.
-Flossing with water can remove plaque and other harmful substances from between the teeth.
-Water flushes out all of the pockets around your teeth.
-Water flossing is ideal if you have braces or a retainer.
-Water flossing is gentle and safe.
-When you floss regularly, you lower your risk of gum disease.

How to Floss With a Water Flosser:

-Pour lukewarm water into the base of the appliance until it’s full, and then choose a tip and set your preferred pressure.
-Lean over the sink and close your lips around the tip, keeping it tight and pressing it to your teeth.
-Turn on the unit on and begin flossing your back teeth, holding the tip above the gum line at a 90-degree angle and focusing on every crevice. 
-Once done, turn off the unit and press the eject button to remove the tip.

We urge you to floss at least once a day in conjunction with brushing and rinsing with mouthwash. If you are interested in taking up water flossing in Murray, Utah, you are welcome to call Smith Family Dental at 801-266-4427 to speak with our dentist and team.