When complete extraction of your teeth is the best solution for your oral health, Dr. Morgan Smith can provide you with immediate dentures to help you avoid the embarrassment of living without your teeth for any amount of time. We invite you to contact Smith Family Dental at 801-266-4427 for more information about immediate dentures in Murray, Utah, and to schedule your consultation with our caring dentists.

Preparation for immediate dentures begins before your teeth are extracted. Our dentists take impressions of your existing teeth and gums, which helps us create accurate restorations for you after your original teeth are removed. After your teeth are extracted, our dentists place your immediate dentures, so that you can continue to enjoy a natural looking smile.

In most cases, there is no way to check the fit of your denture prior to the extraction. We may need to make adjustments, or compromise some aesthetic aspects of your appliance to compensate for inadequate space in your mouth or structural concerns. Please also be aware that your appliance will need to be adjusted as your mouth heals and adjusts following the extraction.

Please follow all post-operative instructions after your extraction. We want to ensure that you heal properly, and regular checkups and maintenance appointments allow our dentists to monitor your healing process and help reduce the likelihood of problems.

To learn more about the benefits of immediate dentures, please contact our office today.