If you have a sensitive mouth or your gum tissue has receded or flattened, Dr. Morgan Smith can provide you with soft denture liner to enhance your comfort and improve the fit of your appliance.  For more information about soft denture liners in Murray, Utah, and to make your appointment with our dentists, please call Smith Family Dental at 801-266-4427.

Soft denture liners are a layer of soft, pliable material.  They are fitted between the surface of a denture and your oral tissues to absorb the shock between the hard denture base and your gums.  They may also be used when creating new dentures or retrofitting existing dentures.  Soft denture liners are a proven dental technology, and have been in use for more than 20 years.

Benefits of soft liners include:

  • Relief and comfort for individuals with receded and flattened gum tissues
  • A solution for patients with chronically sore gum tissues, or who have gums with sharp, bony areas
  • Make it easier to chew
  • Can be used by virtually everyone
  • More comfortable overall

If you receive soft denture liners, you will need to meet with our dentists regularly to ensure that your appliance fits and that you remain in good oral health.

Contact our office today to learn more about soft denture liners and schedule your consultation with our dental professionals.