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The ability to serve our patients’ periodontal needs with cutting-edge treatment is why our Dentist and team strive to offer conservative and comfortable procedures. We want to help you regain your smile after severe gum recession with highly efficient periodontal laser therapy.

Patients who suffer from periodontitis often experience gum recession as a side effect, which exposes their tooth roots. The effective treatment offered by Smith Family Dental can correct the effects of gum recession by clearing away harmful bacteria and diseased gum tissue and promoting the regeneration of stronger and healthier gum tissue.

During this procedure, Dr. Morgan Smith uses a powerful periodontal laser to remove the unhealthy gum tissue and gain access to any deposits of bacteria along the gum line so that these can be removed as well. The next step is to smooth down rough patches around the root to discourage any future infection and allow the gums to regenerate healthy tissues.

Benefits of a periodontal laser include:

– No anesthetic required

– Greater precision and accuracy in treatment

– Less invasive than oral surgery

– Less time spent in recovery

You are welcome to call Smith Family Dental at 801-266-4427 and schedule a visit with our Dentist to determine if you need periodontal laser therapy in Murray, Utah.